The Regional Training Academy and Tom Johnson Institute are both part of the main organization of Global Executive Protection.Since 1999 Global Executive Protection has been a Business Advisory, Operations, & Risk Management company; providing executive security services for individuals, commercial, and industrial clients. Strong Leadership in Emergency Preparedness is a  must. This is why Global Executive Protection provides “Disaster Relief and Recovery” before, during, and after a man-made or natural disaster has threatened the livelihood of its clients.Some of our Disaster Operations “Before-During-After” an incident include:

  • Preliminary Risk Assessment  – Which consists of reviewing existing emergency plans, risk  assessments for your site, your project, or even your entire business,  and conducting emergency drills
  • Emergency Management Operations – Which consists of implementing emergency plans, and even deploying personnel and personal assets
  • Continuity of Operations and Plans – Which consists of surveying damage and coordinating recovery measures

Globalization is taking Executive Management and employees into places ans situations where security risks  are continually increasing. Executives are often targeted in kidnappings, robberies, identity theft, and many other serious crimes. In certain situations, security may be heightened with simple  preventative precautions. However, more intense situations may require  advanced professional protection services to insure property and  personal safety. Established with a proven track record, Global Executive Protection provides professional executive protection services to individuals, dignitaries, entertainers, corporate executives, and  even their families. Our responsibility is to provide you a secure and worry free working environment without compromising your privacy. Our protective detailed strategies, including an advanced site survey and a protective security planning approach, allow our clients to concentrate on specific business or personal activities.


At the Regional Training Academy, we offer many different types of training avenues ranging from Security Training Programs to Personal Defense Programs and even Homeland Security Training. Our services are aimed toward educating and developing better skills and knowledge, not only in the Security Industry, but in our participants everyday personal  life as well. All of our security training programs come with security certifications.Our Security Program courses will significantly increase a  participants knowledge of the laws in the State of Texas, what is required of that officer, and give that participant more practical skills that can increase their productivity on the job, while at the same time enhancing the participants contributions to the goals and  needs of the client in protection of themselves, others, and excellence in service.The Regional Training Academy also offers a multitude of programs for those that would like to increase their knowledge and skills in  personal protection ranging from the License To Carry Course to Advanced Defense Courses. 

Our Team

T. L. "Tom" Johnson

Owner/Manager & Instructor

James "Russell" Rhodes

Senior Agent & Instructor

Mandi Medina

Agent & Administrator